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Event Recap: Death Rattle

A couple weekends ago, I chose the Sepulchral Guard to be my warband of choice for a quarterly store tournament at Ettin Games & Hobbies. I brought the skeletons for two reasons: 1) I figured they were my best shot in order to continue my quest to win a trophy with all warbands and 2) I really don't think they are as bad as people make them out to be. Strangely, I also have more fun playing warbands who naturally use dodge as their defense characteristic. I just feel every game is a bit more challenging as if/when you make a mistake, your fighters will drop pretty quick.

To my pleasure, I ended up winning the event with my solely painted warband! The games ended up being a lot more combative than I thought they'd be. In the end, and with the help of a ton of objectives, I was able to secure the prize. Below, I will be doing an overview of the warband, explain my card choices, describe my tournament experience, and recap the games I played.


The Warband:

The Warden:

The Warden leads this macabre force into battle and is quite integral to its overall function. Sporting a spear that hits on two smashes and deals two damage is respectable. The two range also increases his threat range while keeping him a decent distance back, positioning him just out of harm's reach. The four health is also great as he does need to survive to wield the warband to its maximum potential. Still, he only rolls a single dodge, even after inspiring which means you should only commit when he has some defensive upgrades on him. Lastly, his two move, like the rest of his undead compatriots, is a huge downside. Once he gets inspired though, his movement, attack dice, and damage all go up one which makes him pretty powerful indeed.

Uniquely, this commander has two actions that make him worth his weight in gold and more than make up for his weak defensive statistics. The first one brings a fighter that was taken out of action back onto the field as long as you have a starting hex vacant in your territory. Not only is that awesome, the fighters come back with all their upgrades intact and without any tokens. That means a fighter who had previously charged before being taken out of action can charge again in the same phase if brought back. Remember that this does take up one of your precious activations during a phase and in order to inspire The Warden, you are missing out on two of your twelve activations in a game. This also means that in order to inspire your leader without any cards to help, you'll have given up two glory to your opponent as well. Use cards like Inspiration Strikes and Restless Dead to help get your leader inspired quicker.

The second action, and arguably more powerful, allows you to make a move action with two of your other fighters. I almost exclusively use this to move Petitioners on objectives but this can be used to move any fighter into a more favorable position.

The Prince of Dust:

The Prince of Dust is one your mid-tier fighters that can be a nuisance should you upgrade him to be so. Hitting on smashes and having knockback is always nice but doing a single damage is not. Once inspired, he hits on three hammers and deals a decent two damage. Like his fearless commander, The Prince moves two hexes pre-inspiration. His three health does make him more survivable than the Petitioners and can allow him to tank hits too, if you want.

I usually deploy him in the front to soak charges or start harassing early on. I don't really mind if he goes down early as I believe the other fighters are more useful.

The Champion:

The Champion is one of the better fighters in your horde of walking undead. The warrior hits on smashes for two damage and has cleave pre-inspiration. The cleave is the best part and can consistently damage blocking fighters often. Once he inspires, he becomes a bit more accurate and agile.

I usually position him towards the front of my board but never in the front row of hexes. He's my finisher and works clean up duty once enemy fighters start taking some damage.

The Harvester:

Here is where we start the introduction of fighters who hit on fury rather than smash. The Harvester is my favorite fighter of the troupe and a hidden gem of sorts. His Whirling Scythe hits on two fury which is on the lower spectrum of things but deals a respectable two damage. The important thing to note is that his attacks target all adjacent enemy fighters (you have to roll for each fighter individually). That is huge! It can take advantage of high count warbands and punish them for bunching up (like those pesky gitz who love to scurry).

Like The Champion, I deploy the Harvester in my second row of fighters unless I see a clump of enemy fighters closer to my edge of the board - then I will smack him down front and center. He is one my main initiators and can really put on the hurt. If I draw Inspiration Strikes early and am not holding Shining Example, I will inspire him before making the charge. This makes him a bit more accurate and improves his threat range by a single hex.


Finally, we have the peanut gallery. These fighters sport weak stats all around and aren't much help in a fight. Ironically, they are still critical to your game plan. I tend to deploy them in the back of my board and use them almost exclusively for holding objectives or scoring Extreme Flank. Do watch out for Hidden Paths though!



Due to time constraints and recent travel for work, I didn't really have time to make a deck list. So in proper fashion, I shamelessly looked up a deck list to my liking online and used it. In this case, I used John Reese's deck list featured on his blog, 'Can You Roll A Crit?'. Since he has already taken the liberty to explain why he chose the cards in this list, I will refer you to his site, here. Please do check it out, it's a fantastic blog.

I did end up changing a single card right before the start of the event. I replaced Mutating Maul with Potion of Rage. It's one of my favorite cards and can really make sure my attacks hit when I need them too.


Tournament Recap:

Hosting their quarterly official Underworlds tournament, Ettin Games & Hobbies set the local stage for the coveted Shadeglass Trophy. It's a bit of a drive if you aren't local to the Spring area but it boasts a bunch of tables and products from numerous game systems. While we had our event going, neighboring tables were hosting card games and there was even a group running an RPG campaign.

We had a modest turnout of four players from the Greater Houston Area. Even though the turnout was smaller than we hoped, the people who showed up were all seasoned tournament attendees who were ready to brawl with the best of them. Surprisingly, we had a full showing of objective based warbands: Spiteclaw's Swarm, my Sepulchral Guard, and two sets of Zarbag's Gitz.

The rules were a slight deviation of the rules provided by Games Workshop. We had three rounds of best two-out-of-three. Everyone would play each other once. A win was worth three points, a draw one, and a loss zero. If any participants were tied at the end, glory difference would be the deciding factor.

Round 1: Spiteclaw's Swarm

My first game was against Mikey, a regular in the Houston tournament scene. I've played against his Orruks two times before and was expecting him to bring the Ironskull's Boyz again. To my pleasant surprise, he brought out Spiteclaw's Swarm instead. Having not played this warband since the inception of the banned and restricted list, I was looking forward to the game and interested in how he had built them.

Game 1:

Game one started with me winning the board. Mikey selected the Cursed Oubliette while I opted for The Penitent's Throne. After we set up the remainder of the board and had a firm handshake, Mikey won the roll off and elected to go first.

The Festering Skaven started things off by charging the Prince of Dust, scoring a single point of damage, driving him back. I played Inspiration Strikes on The Harvester. I charged the scythe wielding skeleton into both the Lurking and Festering Skaven. I missed the latter but successfully struck the Lurking Skaven, eliminating the rat creature. My opponent scored Martyred. Mikey played There is Always More and brought the Lurking Skaven back, inspiring him as well. Krrk, the almost trusted charged The Harvester and got a half support which dealt two damage. In my second activation, I put the Warden on guard. Mikey then charged The Harvester with the Lurking Skaven and eliminated him, scoring Defensive Strike. He then played Flee! on Skritch, and followed that by putting Black Hunger on the Hungering Skaven. I charged with my Warden, scoring Change of Tactics, and eliminated the Hungering Skaven. I scored Skills Unforgotten. In my opponent's final activation of the first round, Skritch moved up the board. In the power phase, I played Great Strength on The Prince of Dust. I then charged a Skaven but missed. Mikey scored Solid Gains while I scored nothing. Before the next phase started, I put Faneway Crystal on The Warden.

Mikey won the roll-off after I rolled absolutely nothing and elected to start the second phase. Skritch attacked The Prince of Dust, eliminating him. I did score Martyred though while my opponent scored Skritch is the Greatest, Yes Yes. Mikey then played Quick Advance moving the The Lurking Skaven and Krrk while inspiring them. I played Restless Dead and brought back The Harvester. Mikey played Bodyguard for a Price on Krrk which I responded with playing Gloryseeker on The Harvester. My opponent then put Expendable on the Lurking Skaven. Quite a lenghty power phase. I charged with The Harvester at Skritch, Lurking Skaven, and the Hungering Skaven. I hit the Lurking Skaven with a crit and two hits and Mikey reacted with Rebound. Fortunately for me, it did not go off and the Skaven went down! I missed the Hunger Skaven but crit on Skritch, however the dastardly rat-man scored a crit of his own to stop my attack. I did drive him back a hex. My opponent played Spectral Wings in the power phase. Skritch moved six hexes around the board settling next to and edge hex and scored Cover Ground. In my activation, I brought The Prince of the Dust back, inspiring both him and The Warden. My opponent, using a similar mindset, brought the Lurking Skaven back. In my turn, I used The Warden's activation to move my Petitioners to objectives. Mikey then brought back the Festering Skaven. In my final activation, I charged The Warden into Hungering Skaven by using Faneway Crystal, but the skaven critically dodged. My opponent scored Extreme Flank while I scored Supremacy.

Mikey won the roll off again and went first for the third time. Skritch attacked The Harvester, dealing two damage and drove fighter back. I played Mirror Move and pushed The Hungering Skaven over a hex so he was adjacent to my scythe wielding revenant. Mikey played Musk of Fear Krrk, putting the Skaven on guard. I played Regal Vision on The Champion, inspiring him and Mikey played Deathly Fortitude on The Almost Trusted, putting the bodyguard to a formidable five wounds. I played Concealed Weapon on The Harvester. My opponent played Festering Blades on the Festering Skaven and Awakened Weapon on Hungering Skaven. Predictably, I charged with The Harvester at Skritch, Krrk, and the Hungering Skaven. First attack went on the Hungering Skaven, eliminating the rat. My second attack was on Skritch and I rolled a critical, eliminating the enemy commander! My last target, Krrk managed to escape my wrath. Still, it was more than I hoped for. Looks like The Harvester is the greatest, yes yes! Festering Skaven charged The Champion, driving him back and dealt a single point of damage. In the power step, I played Sidestep and moved The Champion right back. I ended up selecting different course of action then I intended and charged The Prince of Dust into the the Festering Skaven which eliminated the fighter. In my opponent's third activation, Krrk charged the Prince of Dust, moving to objective three, and dealt two damage, driving him back. I used The Warden's ability to move two Petitioners to the edge hexes on each side. Mikey used his last activation to charged the Lurking Skaven into the Prince of Dust but missed. Phew, hadn't made a successful defense roll all game! A Destiny to Meet was placed on Krrk and I played Spectral Wings in the power phase. My Warden charged through a lethal hex and dealt three damage to Krrk. I thought I had eliminated the fighter but forgot he had Deathly Fortitude on him. Mikey scored Superior Tactician and I scored Escalation, Extreme Flank, and Superior Tactician.

I won the game 19-12.

Game 2:

I lost the board roll and picked The Shattered Tower while Mikey picked the Penitent's Throne.

I started things off with moving a Petitioner to objective four and in the power step, I played Inspiration Strikes on The Warden. Mikey played Musk of Fear on Skritch, putting him on guard and inspiring him. My opponent then placed the Hungering Skaven on objective five. In my next activation, I drew a power card. Mikey then moved the Festering Skaven to objective two. I played Spectral Wings in the power step and then in my turn, charged The Harvester into both the Hungering Skaven and Lurking Skaven. My skeleton missed the former but eliminated the latter. Skritch charged The Harvester and smashed the scythe whirling undead to smithereens. Acrobatic was then placed on Skritch in the power step and I played Restless Dead, bringing The Harvester back to the board. In my activation, I moved a Petitioner to objective one and then Krrk moved to objective two in the final activation. I scored Fired Up and Shining Example while my opponent scored Supremacy. Mikey also stated that he scored Master of War but I argued that he could not as he did not score any immediate score cards. I was asked to pull up proof or an FAQ and I couldn't find it. I decided to just let him score the card in order to not delay the game any further. Mikey then played Bodyguard for a Price on Krrk and Skitter Scurry on Skritch.

Note: After confirming with the greater Underworlds community at length, my opponent was indeed able to score Master of War. The card specifically mentions round and the end phase is part of the round.

In the second phase, I won the roll and chose Mikey to go first. My opponent brought the Lurking Skaven back and played Quick Advance moving, and inspiring, both the Festering and Lurking Skaven. I reacted with Mirror Move and moved my Harvester one hex. Expendable was then placed on the Hungering Skaven. In first activation, I charged The Harvester in to both the Festering and Hungering Skaven. I rolled two crits on the Hungering Skaven and eliminated him while I missed the other rat-man. I drove the Festering Skaven a hex away. Skritch attacked The Harvester and missed and decided to push his commander up a hex in order to be adjacent to my Harvester. I put Great Strength on The Harvester, Mikey played nothing, I then played Gloryseeker, and reacted with Ready for Action. I swung at Skritch and rolled a crit, slicing through his three defensive dice and eliminated the enemy commander! In my following activation, I put The Champion on guard. In Mikey's third activation, he charged Krrk into The Harvester and missed. His target was still pushed back though. The Warden then used his action to move a couple Petitioners around. Mikey switched an objective card while I moved The Warden up to get closer to the action. Mikey scored nothing while I scored Keep Them Guessing.

In the final phase, Mikey wanted to go first and moved Krrk into no man's land. Shadeglass Darts was put onto the Lurking Skaven. I put The Warden on guard. Lurking Skaven flung some darts at The Harvester but my fighter was able to dodge. He was pushed back though. My opponent played Center of Attention on the Prince of Dust and moved The Harvester one closed to him. I charged with The Warden, scoring Change of Tactics, and hit the Lurking Skaven. Unfortunately, Rebound was played and I ate three damage. I put Sudden Growth on my Warden to keep him somewhat survivable. The Lurking Skaven charged away and threw some darts at The Warden and dealt a single point of damage. In my third activation, I charged The Champion into Festering Skaven, eliminating the fighter. I put Deathly Fortitude on The Harvester. My opponent cycled an objective and I did the same for the final activation. My opponent scored Extreme Flank and I scored Escalation.

I won the game 10-7.

Round 2: Zarbag's Gitz

Game two was against one of my favorite opponents, Jesse. He plays very well and takes cards I don't consider taking. Usually he plays Thorns of the Briar Queen but today he brought a Zarbag's Gitz list that focused on stacking Katophrane Relics on a fighter. To be honest, I have never enjoyed playing against Relic lists as it can be really tough to take down a fighter once the upgrades start stacking. My game plan does become a little easier though - I have to take out the relic carrying fighter to have a chance at winning.

Game 1:

Jesse won the board roll and I selected the Shyishian Stardial while he selected the The Penitent's Throne. My opponent then set the board up long ways in order to not only help protect his walking relic loot bag, but also take advantage of my warband's innate low movement.

Winning the initiative roll, Jesse elected to go second. I started things off by charging Snirk with my Prince of Dust. I dealt a single damage and in addition to driving the fanatic back, I pushed him a further hex due to knock-back. Undaunted by his wounds, Snirk activated and scattered to end up right in front of the Prince of Dust. I then used the Warden's action to move two of my Petitioners onto objectives one and two, respectively. Red Kap went on guard. I moved my final Petitioner to objective four. Red Kap then charged The Prince of Dust, dealt a single damage and scored Change of Tactics. Prog was able to scurry as well. I charged The Warden into Prog but missed. I played Sidestep to move the Warden a hex backwards and Jesse reacted with Dual of Wits. Zarbag ran to objective three and had Sudden Growth played on him. In the end phase, I scored Extreme Flank and Our Only Way Out while Jesse scored Keep Them Guessing, Master of War (immediately inspiring his warband), and then Shining Example. Before the start of the next round, I placed Frightening Speed on The Harvester and Gloryseeker on The Warden. Jesse also played a pair of upgrades and placed The Katophrane's Hood and The Katophrane's Plate on Zarbag.

The second phase started with Snirk using his action to scatter around the board. In the midst of his flailing, he eliminated The Prince of Dust. In the power step, Jesse played Ghoulish Pact on Zarbag and equipped the fighter with The Katophrane's Belt. The Harvester then charged both Red Kap and Prog. He missed Red Kap but I reacted with The Necromancer Commands to swing again - I missed. I didn't fair much better with Prog but managed to push the netter into a lethal hex which dealt a single damage. I then played Sudden Growth on The Harvester in the power step. Drizgit then used his unique action to move himself and his squigs to surround The Harvester. I drew a power card: Hero's Mantle. Drizgit swung at The Harvester, dealt two damage, and drove him back to the right. I moved the The Champion up. Stikkit moved to objective five and Zarbag moved as well due to scurry. I drew yet another power card: Inspiration Strikes and played it on The Harvester. In the end phase, I scored Supremacy while Jesse scored Fired Up and Mad Scurry.

After a rather uneventful phase, Jesse won the roll off and elected to go first. Drizgit used his move action again to place himself and his squigs next to both The Warden and The Champion. In the power step, The Katophrane's Gloves were placed on Zarbag, Sacrificial Pawn was played on Red Kap, Inspired Command was used on Drizgit, and Hidden Paths moved Dibbz next to The Warden. My Harvester then charged Zarbag but missed. Zarbag struck back in my opponent's activation but was wounded due to Rebound! Due to a high number of relics placed on Zarbag, my opponent was able to draw two power cards. He then played Daylight Robbery, successfully stealing an unspent glory token from me. I used Quick Advance to move both The Harvester and The Champion a hex. I then tried to play Hidden Paths on The Warden but was halted due to Forceful Denial. Ouch. Zarbag attacked The Harvester but I was able to roll a dodge and keep him safe. I charged The Champion into Zarbag and was able to score two damage and What Armour?. I then placed Faneway Crystal on The Champion, reacted with Ready for Action, struck again, and eliminated Zarbag! I got super lucky considering Zarbag had two defense rolls that could re-roll due to the relics he had on himself. Drizgit then charged The Champion but missed. I pitched an objective for the final activation. Jesse scored Escalation and Divide and Conquer. I scored Fired Up, Escalation, and Superior Tactician which tied us at 13-13. Fortunately, I was holding objectives which gave me the win!

Note: As I was typing this up, I realized I scored 14 glory which would have won me the game regardless of objectives. Still, no harm was done and I only have myself to blame. Always double check your glory score!

Game 2:

I won board! Jesse chose the Penitent's Throne while I selected The Mirror Well. I decided to go straight up in hopes of taking out a bunch of fighters with The Harvester while also using my movement shenanigans to take out Zarbag while he least expected it.

Jesse starting things off by Red Kap taking a pot shot at The Harvester, he missed. The Harvester then took his revenge by charging Bonekrakka, Drizgit, and Red Kap. Unfortunately the revenge was short lived because he missed the squig and was only able to drive back the archer. I did manage to deal two damage to Drizgit though. In the power step, I played Quick Advance and moved The Harvester to the left and the Prince of Dust to the right. Snirk scattered about in the following activation and dealt a damage to The Harvester. I used The Warden's activation to move two Petitioners to objectives one and three respectively. Gobbaluk charged The Harvester but missed. I moved The Champion up and right and Jesse moved Zarbag up to the mid-back of his board in his activation. In the final activation of the phase, I placed The Champion on guard. In the end phase, Jesse scored Keep Them Guessing, Well Guarded, and Shining Example. I scored only Keep Them Guessing. Jesse put the Katophrane Gloves and Katophrane Belt on Zarbag while I upgraded The Champion with Frightening Speed.

Winning the roll-off for priority, I attacked both of the squigs and their handler with The Harvester. I managed to take out both Bonekrakka and Drizgit but missed Gobbaluk. Gobbaluk responded by attacking The Harvester but failed its attack action, still he drove the skeleton back a hex. I reacted with Mirror Move and moved Dibbz a hex closer to my Harvester. I then played Sidestep and moved The Harvester to stand between adjacent to Red Kap, Snirk, and Dibbz. Naturally, I swung with The Harvester and eliminated Red Kap, dealt two damage to Snirk, and missed Dibbz. I drove Snirk back and in the power step, played Hero's Mantle on The Warden. Gobbaluk charged The Harvester in the next activation and took him out. Jesse upgraded Zarbag with Sudden Growth. The Champion charged Prog but missed. Zarbag move to objective two and Stikkit scurried to an opposite board edge. In the power step, I played Hidden Paths on The Warden and placed him right next to Zarbag. Cunningly, Jesse played Illusory Fighter and moved Zarbag to a starting hex next to The Champion. Undaunted, The Warden sought out another victim and attacked Snirk and missed. Dibbz fired at The Warden and dealt a single point of damage. Before the round ended, I put Potion of Rage on The Warden. I scored Escalation while my opponent scored Extreme Flank and Fired Up. Before rolling for the third phase, Jesse upgraded Zarbag with the Katophrane's Locket and the Katophrane's Boots.

Winning the roll off, I elected to go second. Zarbag attacked The Champion but missed. Jesse followed this up by playing Ghoulish Pact and upgraded Zarbag with the Katophrane's Plate. I put Great Strength on The Champion and Inspired Command was played on Prog - a guard token was placed on the git. The Champion attacked Zarbag and missed. I reacted with The Necromancer Commands and hit, dealing three damage to Zarbag. I also scored What Armour?. Zarbag attacked The Champion again and hit, luckily I was holding Rebound and played it. Zarbag went down!! Wow. In my activation, I put The Champion on guard. Prog charged The Champion and missed, he did score Change of Tactics however. The Champion charged Gobbaluk and also scored Change of Tactics despite missing as well. Gobbaluk, repositioning, charged The Champion. My opponent did play a power card on his squig but unfortunately I can't seem to figure out what I wrote in my notepad. In the final activation of the game, I moved The Warden to objective two. Jesse scored Ploymaster while I scored Supremacy and Our Only Way Out.

I won the game 15-10. Shout out to Rebound for going off twice against Zarbag!

Round 3: Zarbag's Gitz

My final game of the event was against Josh, another regular in the tournament scene. I actually played him in the final a couple weeks ago with my Fiends. Since I was the only undefeated participant of the day, and with a healthy glory lead (comparatively), Josh needed to beat me twice by upwards of 14 glory in each game. Even with this advantage, I didn't allow myself to get cocky. My final opponent was a solid player and had the tools available to take the trophy for himself.

Game 1:

Josh won the board roll and I selected the Shyishian Stardial while he selected the The Penitent's Throne. Unsurprisingly he went long board on me!

Winning the initiative roll, I decided to go second. Josh started things off by charging Snirk into my Prince of Dust and succeeded off a single dice roll - eliminating my fighter! Not a good start. He then played Encroaching Shadows on my Warden, dealing a single point of damage. Josh then followed this up by playing Spoils of Battle, equipping Zarbag with Great Strength and using his newly gained glory, played Tome of Incantations on the goblin leader as well. In my turn, I used my Warden's activation and moved two of my fighters onto objectives. Drizgit moved up and Red Kap scurried to the left. I brought the Prince of Dust back using my Warden's unique action. Zarbag moved up which allowed Dibbz to scurry to the right. The Champion charged a goblin and missed. I reacted with The Necromancer Commands but still whiffed my attack roll. Josh drew a power card and in his power step, I played Quick Advance - moving The Champion to objective three. In my final activation of the round, I swung with the Prince of Dust on Drizgit but missed. My opponent played Sneaky Step in my power phase and moved Snirk up. I played Mirror Move in response and moved Drizgit onto a lethal hex. Josh scored Fired Up and Mad Scurry while I scored Extreme Flank, Supremacy, and Our Only Way Out. (I know, what a hand.)

My opponent won the initiative roll in phase two and used Snirk's activation to remove The Harvester from the board. He then played Sudden Growth on his flailing fanatic and I played Great Strength on The Warden. Low Cunning was played on Drizgit and I put Concealed Weapon on the Prince of Dust. During my first activation of the phase, I charged the Prince into Zarbag but missed. Snirk continued his rampage and hit both The Warden and a Petitioner. I decided to move the Warden up a bit and put Acrobatic and Ancient Commander on him as well. Zarbag charged my Warden and rolled a critical but I blocked with a critical roll of my own! He still was able to push me back and played Trap as a reaction, chipping away at my undead commander. The Champion swung at Zarbag but he too was able to block with a critical roll. Red Kap then charged the Warden, slaying him and Josh scored Finish Them. I ended the phase by placing The Champion on guard. My opponent scored Escalation and Extreme Flank and I scored Keep Them Guessing and Escalation as well.

The third round started with The Champion swinging at Zarbag. Successfully hitting, I scored What Armour? and then played Regal Visions, inspiring my fighter. Zarbag charged a Petitioner who was sitting on objective four and successfully removed him from the board. Josh then played Seeking Stones on Red Kap. I put the Champion on guard. Drizgit charged The Prince of Dust, dealing two damage. I played Sidestep on The Champion and moved him up the board. Josh reacted with Dual of Wits. The Champion then charged Drizgit, scoring me Change of Tactics despite the fact that the squig herder blocked my attack. Dibbz then charged The Prince of Dust, eliminating him. In my activation, I tossed Shining Example and drew another objective card. In the final activation of the game, Stikkit moved onto objective one. Josh scored Supremacy and Shining Example while I scored Fired Up and Superior Tactician, which allowed me to narrowly win the game 17-16. Phew!

Understanding that it was unlikely that he could win the series with the glory count needed, Josh forfeited the round. I won my trophy with the Sepulchral Guard!


Final Thoughts:

After quite a lenghty event, including breaks, I managed to secure the trophy with my gang of unruly skeletons. I will admit, it was nice to play with a fully painted warband. Still, I think it is perfectly acceptable to play with unpainted minis. The official rules allow it!

Shoutout to my opponents for traveling to the event and playing some awesome games. The Skaven games were a lot closer than I thought they'd be and it was pretty crazy that Rebound took down Zarbag twice in both games during round two.

I really enjoyed playing the Sepulchral Guard, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by how they performed. Although brittle (puns!) and relatively slow, they can be a solid force to be reckoned with, especially if you play objectives. Don't be afraid to get in there with your fighters. I used The Harvester to successfully harass my opponents and even take a couple of them out. The Champion and Warden are great for finishing fighters off or engaging with big charges once the upgrades start stacking. Also, the Petitioners are worth their weight in gold for holding those objectives on your board.

A big thank you to Ettin Games & Hobbies for hosting the event. The owner, David, was super kind and even handed out prize support from previous expansions to players who were missing promo cards of all varieties. I highly recommend checking the store out if you are local to the area.

Out of the six tournaments this month, this will have been my fifth win in a row. I am beyond grateful and pleased with my current success. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I did not end up winning the sixth tournament. I took Mollog's Mob and would have won had I not forgotten to move my Bat Squig over a hex to score Extreme Flank. I don't really know why I didn't especially since I spent the last two turns of the game drawing power cards...

Anyways, now with the tournaments out of the way, I will be focusing more on other kinds of content. This includes deck reviews, product reviews, tactica, and other musings. I look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts.




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