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One of the things I love the most about Warhammer Underworlds is the community. There are a plethora of posts,  blogs, podcasts, and social media groups dedicated to informing the community on the many aspects of the game. You can really feel the passion when reading and listening to the content. In fact, many of these resources inspired me to start my own blog! 

Here are a couple links to some fantastic resources: 

Official Sites

Warhammer Underworlds Official Website The official Games Workshop website that details helpful links, decks, a deck builder, and warband information. Its great place to start! 


Can You Roll A Crit? - Written by the prolific John Rees, a two-time grand clash winner, this is a great resource for competitive deck-building, tactics, and the overall meta, especially in the UK scene. 


Katophrane Relic - Another fantastic blog written by Grand Clash winner, Jamie Giblin. This resource is full of tips, deck lists, battle reports, and UK meta awareness. Grand Clash winner Bryce Johnston also writes some guest articles too. 

Steel City Underworlds - Another UK based blog featuring 4 different writers that offers multiple perspectives on deck building, battle reports, warbands, and the local meta. 

Wigglehammer - A US based blog by a fellow Texan gamer, Jonathan Davis, that features some fantastic statistical data as well as a library of helpful articles for various factions. 

Call it Shadespire - This blog by Stephon Vonn focuses on breaking down specific cards and assess on how best to utilize them. There are also some competitive tactics and event recaps as well. 


Claim The City - A US based podcast covering a plethora of topics such as tier lists, battle reports, warband reviews, and the meta. Great for newer and veteran players alike. 

Battle For Salvation - A new US based podcast covering warband reviews, battle reports, and the meta. 

YouTube Channels

Agents of Sigmar - One of the more consistent battle report video channels out there, they showcase some entertaining match-ups with some interesting deck building limitations as well. 


The Battle Cast - A Canadian based channel that features some great battle reports as well as competitive musings and product reviews. 

Social Media

Warhammer Underworlds Facebook Group - The largest Underworlds group on the social media platform. Members from all over the world post photos, questions, tournament recaps, and news. An excellent source of knowledge and fun! 

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