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Showcase: Cursebreakers, Chosen Axes, Mollog's Mob, and Godsworn

Hi everyone, I've got a quick post for you to today which shows off some of the warbands I recently got commission painted.

The warbands were painted by Akad Painting Studio, which is managed and run by a Spain based commission painter by the name of Jose. As you will clearly see below, Jose is a fantastic artist who was able to capture the exact look and feel I had intended for my miniatures.

Not only was he super communicative, he also clarified a bunch to ensure that we were always on the same page. Often, he would send 'work in progress' photos and updates to again, not only clarify but to also let you know that he was diligently working on your project. In fact, I had to scroll up quite a bit in our message history to recover these photos as we spoke quite often.

In the end, Jose delivered on exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend his services. You can find his Facebook page here and his website here. Keep in mind that the latter is in Spanish.

Below I'll be taking a closer look at the specific warbands I got commissioned from Jose as well as what my initial requests were for the warband.


All my warbands were painted at the "High" level.


Mollog's Mob:

Despite my thoughts about him in game, I am big fan of Mollog as a model as well as his 'standard' color scheme. My guidelines were fairly simple: "Stick to the box art while also giving it a bit of your personal artistic touch."

As you can see, Jose killed it. The overall scheme is the same but there are subtle changes that make the warband unique. My favorite bit are the mushrooms on Mollog's back. The color palette and choices are fantastic.

Another standout part are the bases. I wanted all the bases in this warband, and all future warbands commissioned, to have bases that tied them to the city of Shadespire and the passages of the Nightvault. I requested a dark floor with glowing green bits to create a spooky, undead-ish vibe. Again, he pulled it off in spades.


Godsworn Hunt:

For this next warband, I had a bit more specific requirements. First and foremost, I wanted each and every fighter to have a different skin tone. Secondly, I wanted a couple of them to clearly show that they were starting down a path specific to a Chaos God. Some choices were obvious, like Grundann for Khorne and Theddra for Tzeentch while others were less obvious like Jagathra and Slannesh. The most specific requirement I had was for Jagathra to resemble Storm from the X-Men. It was a little ode to a franchise I like a lot. My hope was that the warband would truly look chaotic and make the Dark Gods proud.

I think it's safe to say that the Dark Gods would be very pleased with the way these guys turned out. Jagathra looks just like Storm and Grundann is definitely slowly transitioning down the path of blood. My favorite model is Theddra - that pink hair is wild and right up Tzeentch's alley. Big fan.


The Chosen Axes:

For this warband I wanted the Fyreslayers to hail from the realm of Ghur, specifically the Lofnir Lodge. These fighters, as a rite of passage, carry a Magmadroth egg up a mountain and upon success daub their limbs in soot and ash. I also found the combination of black and orange hair especially striking.

Again, Jose delivered exactly what I was looking for and then more. The scheme of the Lofnir looked even better than I thought it would and the green weapons contrast nicely. My favorite bit are the bits of pink Ur-Gold. It gives the models a bit of a scarred look.


Stormsire's Cursebreakers:

Last but not least, I wanted my favorite warband to be painted up as well. I had just decided to take them to Adepticon and to treat myself, I requested Jose to squeeze them in his schedule. As you can see, he was very accommodating and knocked them out fast enough to have them shipped over from Spain to my house, before I left for the event.

The scheme was fairly simple, I wanted the models to looks like they hailed from the Anvils of Heldenhammer Stormhost. I am a big fan of the Black Templars scheme in 40K and these guys satisfied that itch while also using some of my favorite colors, red and black, to great effect.

At this point I probably sound like a broken record. Jose killed it! The models look just as how I wanted them to. The green glow on the weapons was a fantastic touch and one of my favorite bits, Stormsire's leather straps, are a standout.


The Bases:

I loved the idea of bases that were unique but tied all the warbands together to the city they were trapped in. Here are a couple more shots of them.


Overall, I was very happy with Jose's services. If you are looking for a commission painter who will give you exactly what you want and then some, definitely hit up Akad Painting Studio.

Tomorrow, you can look forward to my overdue Adepticon recap.



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May 24, 2019

Wow, those are some stunning warbands !

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