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Breaking: FAQ, Errata, and BAR List Update! Jun 19

Hi everyone! I know it's been a bit quiet for a bit. I've been focusing on other areas of Warhammer Underworlds and haven't been able to get much gaming in. Also, breaks are always nice and help you level set and rebuild that energy needed. I'm happy to tell you that I am most certainly reenergized and focused on providing you some of the best Warhammer Underworlds content out there.

I suppose what better way is there to reengage from a break than to breakdown the latest Errata, FAQ, and BAR list update to the game?

In today's article, I will be combing through the Errata, the FAQ, and finally end with the most recent additions to the BAR list.



Tome of Healing: Add the keyword ‘Katophrane Tome

Tome of Insight: Add the keyword ‘Katophrane Tome

Personally I think it's a bit sad that people, and even a Grand Clash event, argued that these two tomes in particular were not considered Katophrane Tomes. I mean, clearly they were tomes and I guess someone just forgot to add the keyword or something. I really found the whole argument quite unreasonable. Sure, it "technically" didn't have the proper print, but I am glad it's been sorted. No room for interpretation now!

Keep Them Guessing: Change the condition on this card to read: ‘Score this in an end phase if your warband made at least four different actions from the following list in the preceding action phase: Move (other than as part of a Charge), Attack (other than as part of a Charge), Charge, Guard, another action on a fighter card (other than a reaction).’

So this is a really big change and effectively reduces the power level of the objective. I like the change, it's a healthy one. The card was already prevalent and became exceedingly popular once reactions did indeed count. This means Thundrik's lethal bubble reaction won't count towards this and neither will the act of scurrying for goblins. The move action should still count though.

Players will now have to pay the "price" and generally shouldn't be able to fulfill two or three of their four required actions in one activation.

Casting Spells: Add the following sentences to the first paragraph of this section. ‘Some gambit spells require you to choose one or more fighters, cards, spells, objective tokens or hexes. If, when you would resolve the spell, you cannot (e.g. because there are no enemy fighters within a certain number of hexes) the spell fails. In addition, if a gambit spell requires you to choose a fighter or fighters, the caster must have line of sight to the fighter or fighters you choose (the caster is considered to have line of sight to themself). If they do not, you cannot play that spell.’

Wow, this is fantastic. Magic has been getting out of hand, and I expect it will be even stronger after the recently announced, Power Unbound drops. This effectively puts a bit of control on the general power level of magic. These changes also make sense, when casting a spell a wizard should have a target in mind and be able to see their target. For example, a wizard shouldn't be able to cast a lock picking spell if there are no locked doors or chests around. The same principle applies here.

The line of sight part is my favorite bit. Wizards can't hide behind blocked hexes anymore and spam chip damage spells.

Ammis Dawnguard and Rastus the Charmed: Add the following sentence to the Empower spell action on both sides of each fighter card. ‘In addition, if this spell is cast, this fighter cannot take this action again in this phase.’

Another great and much needed change. Empower spam builds abuse this mechanic to spam spells. With this change, that style of build is effectively neutered and will force players to rely more on gambit spells. It also didn't make sense to be able to do that from a lore perspective.

This also slightly decreases the power of Harness the Storm as you if you draw it later in the round, and both Rastus and Ammis are empowered, you'll have to either use a gambit spell or wait for the next round. Still extremely doable, but I like the subtle difference made.


FAQ / Designer's Commentary:

Note: There is a lot of content here so I am going to be listing all the comments made but I won't necessarily be commenting on all of them.

First off, we have new board names: The Shattered Refractor and Molten Shardpit!

Q: If a fighter is pushed a distance of 0 hexes, are they considered to have been pushed?

A: No.

Q: Does a fighter take damage from a lethal hex if they are placed in it (as opposed to being pushed into it or moved into it)?

A: No.

Q: Does a fighter take damage from a lethal hex if they are standing in the hex when it becomes a lethal hex?

A: No.

Q: When a fighter is taken out of action, do their upgrades go in the discard pile?

A: No. They still have their upgrades.

Q: When characteristics are modified, does multiplication happen before or after addition? For example, if a fighter with a Damage characteristic of 3 has Great Strength, giving them +1 Damage, and you play Lethal Strike and they score a critical hit, do they deal 7 or 8 damage?

A: Multiplication (and division) happen before addition (and subtraction). The fighter in your example deals 7 damage.

Solid and much needed clarification. I've seen way to many questions about these.

Q: Are Range, Dice, Damage, Move, Defence and Wounds the same thing as Range characteristic, Dice characteristic, Damage characteristic, Move characteristic, Defence characteristic and Wounds characteristic?

A: When the term is capitalised, yes. For example, +1 Move means ‘increase this fighter’s Move characteristic by 1’. A fighter whose printed Move characteristic is 3 and who has +1 Move (e.g. from Great Speed) has a Move characteristic of 4. In another example, if a Damage 1 Attack action has +1 Damage (e.g. from Gloryseeker), that Attack action’s Damage characteristic is 2.

Glad the team is breaking down the addition of stat characteristics. Again, more clarity is fantastic.

Q: If my Attack action with Knockback succeeds, do I have to drive the enemy fighter back the full distance?

A: No. For example, if your Attack action with Knockback 2 succeeds, you can choose not to drive the enemy fighter back, or to drive them back 1, 2 or 3 hexes.

Like the flexibility here and people won't be able to force you to use the full knockback.

Q: For reactions taken during an Attack action, are ‘before any dice are rolled’ and ‘before the attack roll’ the same reaction window (e.g. for Potion of Rage and Aggressive Defence)?

A: Yes.

Q: Do reactions that happen after the last action in an activation happen in that activation or in the power step?

A: Neither. These reactions happen after the activation and before the power step.

Q: Can reactions that happen after an activation (such as Snirk’s inspire reaction) block the reaction window of reactions that take place after an attack action (such as Pit Trap, or Skhathael’s Reaction) if that attack action is the last action of the activation and the player with the ‘after an activation’ reaction has reaction priority?

A: Yes.

Q: Do reactions that happen after Attack actions (e.g. Pit Trap) share a reaction window with reactions like My Turn since they both happen after the Attack action, despite the fact they have different conditions (Pit Trap requiring a fighter to be driven back, and My Turn requiring the Attack action to have done damage)?

A: Yes.

Q: After an activation, which happens first – a reaction to that activation, or ‘score immediately’ objectives that were satisfied in that activation?

A: A reaction happens first (if a player has one that can be played in that reaction window and that they wish to play).

This tightens up the reaction window while also decreases the power level of score immediate objectives. Good change.

Q: If I meet the conditions for scoring a ‘score immediately’ objective during an Attack action, do I score that card during that Attack action (and draw another objective card immediately)?

A: No. When you meet the conditions for a ‘score immediately’ objective during any action, you score the objective after that action has been resolved. If that action is part of a Charge action, you do not score the objective until after the Charge action has been resolved.

This is a solid change. Now cards like Calculated Risk are scored after your charge action, should you charge via a lethal hex.

Q: When I resolve an ability that returns a card from my discard pile to my hand, do I have to show the card I return from the discard pile to my opponent?

A: Yes.

Q: When are spells that persist put in the discard pile?

A: When their effect ends. Until then they are in play (it is often helpful to place them next to the fighter card of the fighter they are affecting) and not in a discard pile.

Thorns of the Briar Queen:

Q. Can I play Drifting Advance if there are no enemy fighters?

A. Yes. If you do, it will have no effect.

Eyes of the Nine:

Q. Does K’charik become Inspired if he is adjacent to Turosh, Narvia or a Horror when they make a successful Attack action?

A. No – their Attack actions are not spells.

Q. Does K’charik become Inspired if he is adjacent to an enemy wizard that casts a spell?

A. Yes.

That's pretty neat. Beware, Stormsire!

Q. If a Blue Horror would be taken out of action by damage during its Move or Charge action (e.g. because of a lethal hex), what happens?

A. The Blue Horror miniature is replaced with the Brimstone Horrors miniature in the hex in which the Blue Horror would have been taken out of action. Clear all tokens from the fighter. If the fighter has not yet moved a number of hexes equal to their Move characteristic, they can continue that Move action. If the fighter was making a Charge action, they finish resolving that Charge action. In either case, the fighter gains one Move or Charge token as normal.

Q: If a Blue Horror with the Crown of Avarice upgrade card is taken out of action, do I take one of my opponent’s unspent glory points?

A: This situation cannot arise – a Blue Horror is never taken out of action.

Q. If K’charik has the Fateward and Trusted Defender upgrades, how do I resolve his defence rolls?

A. When you have made his defence roll, you can re-roll all of the defence dice (using Fateward) or one of the defence dice (using Trusted Defender). You cannot do both, as you cannot re-roll a re-roll.

Interesting interaction and glad it has been clarified.

Zarbag's Gitz:

Q. When Snirk would scatter into a fighter that cannot be pushed, how much damage is each fighter dealt in total?

A. Snirk is dealt 1 damage, and the fighter that cannot be pushed is dealt 1 damage.

Good to know and makes sense that the enemy fighter still takes a damage.

Mollog's Mob:

Q. Can Stalagsquig make a Move action using Ready for Action?

A. No.

Makes sense, that would be funny though.

Q: In placing the Stalagsquig, do you first roll off to determine who gets to decide who goes first, or do you place the Stalagsquig, and then roll off?

A: Place the Stalagsquig, then the players roll off.

Thundrik's Profiteers:

Q. When do I use Thundrik’s Promotion ability?

A. After you score an objective and before you draw a replacement objective card.

This is important. If you pick up the next objective, technically you missed the window! Slow it down, be a proper dwarf.

Q. Are scored objectives considered to be discarded for the purposes of Live by the Code?

A. No.

Q. Does my fighter’s Attack action need to succeed for me to score Headshot?

A. Yes.

Q. When Toxic Gases is played, who pushes the fighter?

A. The player who played Toxic Gases.

Ylthari's Guardians:

Q: Can Tainted Vitality or Lifesurge Inspire a fighter from Ylthari’s Guardians if that fighter does not have a wound token on their fighter card?

A: No.

Glad this has been mentioned too. tired of seeing this question asked every week online.

Q: Ylthari’s Guardians - how does the text in parentheses in their Inspire condition work?

A: This allows players to use an ability that removes wound tokens from a fighter to Inspire a fighter from Ylthari’s Guardians even if that fighter has no wound tokens on their fighter card. For example, Healing Potion, Healing Pulse or Healing Amphora can all be used to Inspire fighters from that warband even if the affected fighter has no wound tokens on their fighter card. Note that cards like Tainted Vitality and Lifesurge only affect fighters that have wound tokens on their fighter cards, so these cards will not Inspire Ylthari’s Guardians unless they have wound tokens on their fighter cards.

Q: Does the ‘taking’ of wound tokens from one of Ylthari’s Guardians after successful casting of Empathic Exchange trigger their Inspire condition of 'when a wound token would be ‘removed'’?

A: Yes. In this instance the words ‘taking’ and ‘removed’ are interchangeable.

Q. Can I score Reclaim the Lamentiri without holding any objectives in a territory, if there are no objectives in that territory?

A. No.

I really want to meet the guy that tried this.

Q. Do wound tokens cleared from a fighter’s fighter card when they are taken out of action count towards scoring Glade’s Last Hope?

A. No. (The distinction is between tokens removed from a fighter card by effects like Healing Potion, and tokens cleared from a fighter card which is what happens when that fighter is taken out of action.)

Universal Cards - Objectives:

Calculated Risk (#302)

Q: To score Calculated Risk, does my fighter only have to move into a lethal hex and survive, or do they have to move into a lethal hex, out of that lethal hex, and survive?

A: The latter.

Q: Can I score Calculated Risk if the fighter’s Move action takes them through a lethal hex (which they survive) and then into a second lethal hex that takes them out of action?

A: Yes.

Poor Grawl.

Charmed Life (#304)

Q: My Blue Horror has 3 or more wound tokens on its fighter card (e.g. because of an Attack action with a Damage characteristic of 3). It is replaced with the Brimstone Horrors, its fighter card is turned over and its tokens are removed. Can I then score Charmed Life in the following end phase (assuming that the Brimstone Horrors are not taken out of action)?

A: Yes

Cool interaction. Might be worth taking now for Eyes.

Q: My Sepulchral Guard fighter is taken out of action in Round 1. I return them to the battlefield in Round 2. Can I score Charmed Life in the end phase (assuming that the fighter is not taken out of action)?

A: No. The wound tokens are cleared from that fighter’s fighter card when they are taken out of action in Round 1.

Get Thee Hence (#322)

Q: Can I score the Get Thee Hence objective card with the Stumble ploy card (after an Attack action).

A: Yes.

Q: If my fighter’s Attack action drives an enemy fighter back 2 or more hexes, but in the second or subsequent of these hexes the enemy fighter is taken out of action by a lethal hex, can I still score Get Thee Hence?

A: Yes.

Keep Chopping (#338)

Q: Do Attack actions made outside of activations (e.g. as reactions such as My Turn or Aggressive Defence or from cards like Ready for Action in the power step) count towards Keep Chopping?

A: No.

Like this change as well. Gotta make four attacks during your main activations.

Keep Them Guessing (#340)

Q: What are the actions I must take to score this objective?

A: At least four different actions from this list: - Move (other than as part of a Charge) - Attack (other than as part of a Charge) - Charge - Guard - Another action on a fighter card (other than a reaction)

Note that ‘another action on a fighter card’ is counted as a single type of action, so even if you have more than one other action on a fighter card available to you, only one will be counted.

The Card is most certainly nerfed, but in a positive way that makes sense.

Q: If I use Hidden Paths, does that count as a Move action for the purposes of scoring Keep Them Guessing?

A: Yes.

Longstrider (#343)

Q: Can you score Longstrider by playing Hidden Paths to change a fighter’s position and then making a Move action with that fighter (e.g. if that fighter is Mollog)?

A: Yes.

Nowhere to Go (#354)

Q: Do incomplete hexes count as occupied, blocked or lethal hexes for the purposes of scoring Nowhere to Go?

A: No. Incomplete hexes are not hexes.

One Fate (#356)

Q: If I make a casting roll for a spell Attack action on three dice and then use Tome of Incantations to change one of the results so that they all match, can I then score One Fate?

A: Yes.

Q: If I make a casting roll for a spell Attack action on three dice and they all match, and then I use Tome of Incantations to change one of the results, can I then score One Fate?

A: No.

Q: Are Innate results considered as dice rolled for the purposes of scoring objectives like One Fate?

A: No.

Aggressive Defence (#391)

Q: For how long does the ‘cannot be driven back’ part of Aggressive Defence last?

A: Until the ploy has been resolved, at the point at which the target makes their Attack action.

Q: If Aggressive Defence is played as a reaction to an Attack action made during an activation, does the Attack action from Aggressive Defence happen during or after that activation?

A: After.

Q: Can Aggressive Defence be played on a fighter that is under the effects of Haymaker?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use Aggressive Defence and My Turn to generate two Attack actions after the same attack action?

A: Yes.

Q: If I use Aggressive Defence and My Turn to generate two Attack actions after the same Attack action, which Attack action is resolved first?

A: The one granted by My Turn.

Q: One player makes an Attack action in their activation, and the other player plays Aggressive Defence. If the first player’s Attack action succeeds, opening up the possibility for their opponent to play My Turn, can the first player use the Blessing of Hydragos reaction on their fighter to prevent their opponent using that reaction window and playing My Turn?

A: No. Their opponent has the first opportunity to play a reaction in each reaction window.

Q: One player starts their activation and uses Gurzag to charge Magore, then Magore’s player plays Aggressive Defence and after Magore takes damage from the Attack action Magore’s player plays My Turn. Magore’s player then performs the Attack action generated from My Turn with Magore. During this Attack action Gurzag’s player responds with their own Aggressive Defence, followed by My Turn when Gurzag takes damage. What happens?

A: Gurzag’s original Attack action has been resolved, as has Magore’s Attack action from My Turn. The next Attack action to be resolved is Gurzag’s, from My Turn. Finally, the two Attack actions from Aggressive Defence remain to be resolved. Using the sequencing rules, the players roll off and whichever player wins the roll-off resolves their Attack action from Aggressive Defence first. Then the other player resolves their Attack action from Aggressive Defence. Note that because of Aggressive Defence, the only Attack action in this sequence in which a fighter can be driven back is the final Attack action.

Glad they broke this card down. It had many weird interactions and this seems pretty thorough. Bless the team for working through this.

Baffling Illusion (#397)

Q: When Baffling Illusion is in effect, and a fighter would make a Move action (and therefore Scatters as described on Baffling Illusion) are they still considered to be making a Move action?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens if my fighter with Faneway Crystal makes a Move action while Baffling Illusion is in effect?

A: Resolve Faneway Crystal as normal – Baffling Illusion has no effect in this case.

Q: What happens if my fighter with Inescapable Vengeance makes a Move action while Baffling Illusion is in effect?

A: You choose – either do not use the ability on Inescapable Vengeance, in which case resolve Baffling Illusion as normal, or use the ability on Inescapable Vengeance, in which case Baffling Illusion has no effect.

Q: Can my fighter make a Charge action when Baffling Illusion is in effect?

A: Yes, as long as the fighter would be eligible to make a Charge action if Baffling Illusion wasn’t in effect (i.e. if you could decide the path of their Move action). When you resolve the Charge action, the Move action is affected as described by Baffling Illusion. If there is an enemy fighter within range after that Move action, your fighter can then make their Attack action as normal and your fighter gains a Charge token. If there is no enemy fighter within range after that Move action, your fighter cannot make an Attack action but still gains a Charge token. Note that a fighter that makes a Charge action while Baffling Illusion is in effect will also gain a Move token.

Ghoulish Pact (#417)

Q: Can I play My Turn or Ready for Action as a reaction after my Ghoulish Pact resolves?

A: Yes. You can play either of these reactions (but not both).

Q: Can I play Ghoulish Pact if I don’t have any upgrades in my hand?

A: No.

Sphere of Aqshy (#451)

Q: If the damage from Sphere of Aqshy is reduced by 1 to 0 by Magical Damping, was Sphere of Aqshy still cast successfully?

A: Yes.

Strategic Sorcery (#462)

Q: If I use the Strategic Sorcery gambit spell to retrieve an objective card which is scored immediately, and it is on the list of cards from the Designer’s Commentary that can be scored retroactively, do I immediately score it again?

A: Yes, after taking a subsequent action, reaction or gambit, as long as the conditions for that objective are still met.

Q: If I use the Strategic Sorcery gambit spell to retrieve an objective card and I score that objective card twice, how many objective cards does it count towards when scoring Superior Tactician?

A: One.

Universal Cards: Upgrades:

Arcane Familiar (#473)

Q: When called upon to roll a magic dice can I use the Arcane Familiar upgrade card to change the result of the roll, even if it is not specifically a casting roll?

A: No.

Crown of Avarice (#489)

Q: Does the Crown of Avarice upgrade card reaction window occur after my opponent has scored a glory point for taking the fighter with this upgrade out of action?

A: Yes.

Fated Blade (#500)

Q: Must I play the Rebound ploy card before my opponent rolls to see what the Damage characteristic of the Fated Blade upgrade card is?

A: Yes.

Q: Following the previous FAQ, if I play the Rebound ploy card before the Fated Blade’s upgrade card’s Damage characteristic is rolled for, what is the Damage characteristic of the Fated Blade?

A: As Rebound causes the attack to fail, it cannot be rolled for, and therefore the Fated Blade upgrade card at that point has a Damage characteristic of 0.

People will still ask questions about this. Still, card is better because it can't get rebounded, technically.

Q: Does the way the Damage characteristic is determined by the Fated Blade upgrade card prevent me from using the Last Chance ploy card or the Dark Destiny ploy card to prevent my fighter from being taken out of action?

A: No.

Potion of Rage (#529)

Q. If I use my Potion of Rage during an Attack action that targets all adjacent fighters, does the +2 Dice apply to each of those Attack actions, or just one of those Attack actions.

A. Just one – the one in which you take the reaction.

Voidsceptre (#555)

Q. Can Voidsceptre remove the effect of Frozen in Time or Cruel Taunt?

A. No.

Reinforced Armour (#533)

Q: If a fighter takes no damage from an attack action as a result of the Reinforced Armour upgrade card, is the Attack action still successful?

A: No.

Insensate (#16)

Q: Does Insensate affect damage caused by reactions played after the last action in an activation?

A: No.

Frenzy (#24)

Q: If my fighter has Frenzy and an Attack action that targets all adjacent enemy fighters (e.g. because of Mighty Swing), does the extra attack dice apply to each Attack action made during their Charge action?

A: Yes.

Too Dumb to Die (#96)

Q: Can I score the Too Dumb To Die objective card even if my fighter was taken out of action by the Trap or Pit Trap ploy cards?

A: No

Bodyguard for a Price (#166)

Q: During an action phase, if Krrk is adjacent to Skritch, has the upgrade ’Bodyguard for a Price’ and is pushed away from Skritch, is Skritch still on Guard ?

A: No.

Q: Can I use the Gorefist reaction after successfully playing Last Chance?

A: No – these reactions share the same reaction window.

Concerted Attack (#246)

Q: Does the Concerted Attack objective card require three different friendly fighters?

A: Yes

Escalation (#257)

Q: Do upgrades applied due to Spoils of Battle or Ghoulish Pact count towards scoring Escalation?

A: Yes.

Duel of Wits (#320)

Q: When do I play Duel of Wits?

A: When your opponent plays a ploy, before that ploy is resolved. This is a different reaction window to reactions that are played after a ploy.

Invisible Walls (#335)

Q: How do Move modifiers interact with Invisible Walls?

A: Invisible Walls sets all fighters’ Move characteristics to 1, then any modifiers are applied to those characteristics of 1. For example, if a fighter has the Great Speed upgrade, in the activation in which Invisible Walls is in effect that fighter would have a Move of 2.

Last Chance (#336)

Q: If I attack an enemy fighter, then my opponent successfully uses Rebound and the damage would be enough to take my fighter out of action, can I use Last Chance to try to save them?

A: No – the damage is dealt by Rebound, not the Attack action.

Q: Can I play Rebound and then, if that fails, Last Chance as reactions to the same Attack action?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I play Last Chance and Fatal Riposte as reactions to the same Attack action?

A: No. You can play one or the other.

Q: If a fighter with a (dodge) Defence characteristic on their fighter card is equipped with the upgrade Ethereal Shield, what results are successful for the purposes of Last Chance?

A: Ethereal Shield changes that fighter’s Defence characteristic to (block), so a roll of anything other than (block) or (crit) will work for Last Chance.

Shattering Terrain (#357)

Q: What happens if Shattering Terrain is in play and a fighter is driven back into a lethal hex, and then I play Trap and Pit Trap?

A: The fighter is dealt any damage by the Attack action first, then 1 damage by the lethal hex, then 1 damage by Shattering Terrain, then you can play Trap to deal 1 damage to that fighter, and after the Attack action is resolved you can play Pit Trap to deal 1 damage to that fighter.

Stumble (#364)

Q: Can the use of the Stumble card cause a fighter to become Trapped?

A: No.

Twist the Knife (#372)

Q: Which reactions can be played in the same reaction window as Twist the Knife (thereby preventing the attacking player playing Twist the Knife)?

A: Rebound, No Retreat and the reaction on Unflinching Guardian (this is a complete list for cards published up to June 2019).

Love this!

Universal Cards - Upgrades:

Q: Can Spoils of Battle, Ghoulish Pact, Trading Up or Brutal Sacrifice be used to equip a Katophrane Relic?

A: No. The only way to play a Katophrane Relic is to spend two glory points.

Good riddance, bye Felicia!

Q: Can Legacy be used to transfer a Katophrane Relic from one fighter to another?

A: Yes.


Banned and Restricted List:

Surprisingly, there were only two cards added to this list in total: Tome of Offering and Longstrider. No cards were banned.

Probably the biggest offender in the game at the moment, there should be no surprise that this card is now on the restricted list. I think it took a little bit to get on here because it was an integral part of the tome strategy. However, now that we have a bunch of tomes, it doesn't feel as bad to restrict this as that synergy still works without it. Furthermore, this was giving aggro warbands some big swings, especially Mollog. This card being taken less should see a bit of resurgence in objective based decks. I think most aggro warbands still take it, but overall, their potency is slightly reduced.

A bit of a targeted choice as it only really affects Mollog and some off-meta Skaven/Guard decks. In regards to the former, this has been a pretty powerful offender since its inception. I mean its scored pretty much every time, if Mollog is alive. Restricting this card makes Mollog weaker and perhaps might slow his glory train down just enough to give his opponents a chance before those upgrades start piling on.


Closing Thoughts:

Overall, I am pretty happy to the changes made. The Errata and FAQ were bang on! The clarifications provided have been very welcome and I feel the game will run a bit smoother with less gray area.

Also, love the new board rule. This will increase the skill gap between players and will make it a lot harder for people to rely on one trick pony tactics and certain boards. Looking forward to seeing a greater variance of boards and better decision making all around.

With that being said, I am bit cautious going into the summer. Although the cards added to the restricted list were solid choices, I feel like the biggest loser here is Mollog and he isn't losing too much. Sure, Tome of Offering was unanimously taken but we all knew it was going to be restricted.

My biggest concern is magic and ranged attacks. Even without the Empower spam, Cursebreakers are looking quite powerful and Guardians are right behind them. With the impeding release of Power Unbound, this advantage seems to grow exponentially just based off the handful of cards we've seen previewed.

I would have liked to see Sphere of Aqshy, Well of Power, Archer's Focus, and maybe even Inspiration Strikes join the restricted list. This would tone down magic and ranged attacks while also limiting the myriad ways in which you can circumvent the inspiration mechanic - a mechanic that is integral to balance and design.

Either way, I am happy that changes have been made and that the design team is proactively addressing the community's concerns, and doing their best to manage the meta. Underworlds is a fantastic game and I have full confidence the design team will continue to build, refine, and execute to ensure we truly are playing the best competitive miniatures game out there.




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