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Breaking: Errata, FAQ, & BAR List Update!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I don't know about you, but I have been loving all of the recent Underworlds announcements and previews. It's been a great couple of weeks for the game and today, I think we have received the icing on the cake: an updated Errata, FAQ, and BAR (banned and restricted) List Update!

I am currently visiting some family in Toronto, Canada but I just had to share my thoughts on these recent announcements. To my Canadian readers, Happy Family Day!

We'll be going through the FAQ first, then the Errata, and finally end with the every so juicy Banned and Restricted list!

For a direct link, click on the following:


FAQ / Designer's Commentary:

Below, you will find every single addition to the FAQ list. Some of these excerpts are quite self explanatory so I won't comment on all of them.

I didn't even get through the first addition before my eyes popped wide. This is huge! Now, you can choose which cards you would like to discard after you draw both your objective and power hands. Once drawn, you can choose to either keep both of your respective hands, one of them, or even discard both. On one hand, looking at both hands makes it a bit easier to discard either one them. But, if you discard both - you are really going in blind. You could even end up with a worse hand that could put you in a rather precarious position. Still, I like the change; its exciting!

I like this clarification being spelled out. Even if you fighter rolls two or more critical symbols in a casting roll, and damages themselves resulting in them being removed from action, your opponent still gets a glory.

This has been the center of much debate lately and I like how the Underworlds Team has created a defined list. Now they can be no argument, if it's not one of those cards then you can't score it. No Strong Start or Martyred!

This clarification is nice because it can effect cards like Catching Up.

Another solid clarification. Cleave only bypasses block rolls, nothing more.

Never used this in interaction but seems interesting.

Good clarification again. This will finally end the debate on whether Chainrasps can be pushed onto lethal hexes.

Interesting to note that you can play Drifting Advance without opting to push any friendly Chainrasp. I wonder if this will translate to other similarly worded cards as well.

The Blue Horror is never taken out of action! It's the only immortal fighter in the game! 😂

For Gitz players, the clarification on both Snirk and Drizgit is welcome indeed. On a more interesting note, I find the application of Mirror Move quite fascinating. To be honest, never realized that Snirk's action was actually a three hex push.

Although it's a pretty cheeky play, and I enjoy thinking outside of the box, I am glad they clarified this.

Will the real Stalagsquig please stand up? 🙃

Ouff, quite a brutal sacrifice indeed. Also, I do like how it states that should give your opponent the time to read the card.

Keep Them Guessing can be confusing at times, at least from what I have observed, and I am glad it has been clarified. Good to know that out-of-action activations do count towards scoring. It is also good to know that you have to activate a fighter in order to fulfill the requirements of scoring the card. Gitz players rejoice, it's even easier to score this card!

Not being able to score either Martyred or Strong Start during the round if you draw them is disappointing but makes sense. It will be interesting to see on whether people will continue to use either card as they are considerably less reliable.

Always happy to see reaction breakdowns.

Thank you Design Team! I have tried to explain this to many opponents and glad that now I can just pull this FAQ out instead.

They are really after that poor Stalagsquig, eh?

Important to note that you have to have two eligible fighters to play the card even if you aren't really interested in pushing anyone around.

Important to note in case there is ever a situation that allows the target of a charge action to escape which would make the charge action ineligible.

This is huge! I expect to see Cover Ground in a bunch more decks. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Hidden Paths which confuses me.

Glad for this clarification as well. I had this same scenario come up three days ago with my practice partner who is quite the rules you man! 😅

Great clarification again.

Mirror Move confirmed as anti My Turn tech! Seriously though, that is a cool interaction. It's also neat to see that if I miscast with Stormsire, I can use My Turn to fling off another Fulmination.

Glad for this clarification again.

I like the finality of this answer. Only Rebound and No Retreat can be played during the same window as Twist the Knife.

This came up in a tournament recently and I am glad to see this clarified.



The following are list of corrected errors appended in the rules.

This makes Mollog even more deadlier. Before this change, charging Mollog in had to be measured as his only other response was to charge again, if he was inspired. Now, Mollog can wade in and start swinging his Makeshift Club around to his heart's content. Yes he can go on guard and move too but that isn't fun now, is it? 😉

We've seen a lot of clarification on how tokens work and its good to see the Sepulchral Guard get some clarification.

Great clarification as well. Mollog players are celebrating as well as those who rely on Bag of Tricks.


Banned & Restricted List:

Now we get to the juicy stuff! Four cards have been affected this time round and quite frankly, I am not surprised bye either of them. Let's start with the Banned entry.

Let's be honest here, we all saw this coming. I even mentioned that Extreme Flank would be banned soon in on of my recent articles. This card was just too good and easy to score. Furthermore, the ambiguity in which you could score it was frustrating. Happy to see this go.

And now onto the Restricted cards!

Not going to lie, I am pretty disappointed seeing Superior Tactician on this list. I understand from a meta perspective, but I really loved this card. If you want to include this card in your lists moving forward, I suggest throw in a bunch of reliable score immediate cards. I'll have to see on whether on not this makes the cut moving forward.

I'm not surprised at all with the inclusion of Deathly Fortitude and Sudden Growth on the list. Both of these cards were featured in almost every single list, especially the competitive ones. We'll be seeing a lot less high health fighters now and perhaps even see less aggressive warband tactics. Expect to see Great Fortitude and Tome of Vitality as replacement cards.


Overall, I am a big fan of the changes made today. The Underworlds Team has tightened the game up and clarified quite a bit. I'm looking forward to building new decks and, as always, playing more games of Underworlds.




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